Magnificent XY GTHO

The new XY GT rolled off the line in late 1970, and was followed in 1971 with the all-time classic GT HO Phase III. With between 350 and 380bhp (270 – 280 kW) and 380 ft/lbs (513Nm) of torque, it was reputed then to be the world’s fastest 4-door production car.

Looking suitably aggressive8 with its air intake protruding through the bonnet and bold side stripes, the XY GT’s were affectionately known as “Shakers” to many people, a nickname derived from the shaking action of the bonnet scoop and particularly noticeable while the engine is idling.

It is also the vehicle that most people associate with the term Falcon GT. The XY GT was the model that has most captured the imagination of the masses and it is the one that is most often copied.

Many people have purchased standard XY Falcons or Fairmonts and dressed them up to imitate the most legendary of all Falcon GT’s.

There were 1,557 XY GT’s made from September 1970 to December 1971. There were 300 XY GTHO Phase III’s built between May 1971 and November 1971.